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We Base Our Home Equity Loans on Your Home Equity – It’s That Simple

Home equity loans don’t have to be difficult.  The Mortgage Brokers Network has access to lenders who place less emphasis on credit and more on your equity position.  In other words, your credit rating won’t dictate whether or not you can qualify for a home equity loan.

Our team of qualified mortgage brokers are experts in equity financing. With our connections and experience, we can offer you more options. Our brokers have decades of experience to help you find the right lender for your borrowing needs. 

Because our network is so vast, we can offer products that many other lenders and brokerages are unable to offer. You’ll be amazed at the potential savings a home equity loan can offer.  You can even run some potential saving scenarios through our hand debt consolidation calculator

It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing a new home, refinancing/renegotiating an existing property, or building something new – we get mortgages approved!

Our Commitment to Provide Equity-Based Financing Solutions

We take our mission to find lenders who will approve home equity loans very seriously. Moreover, we understand that working with quality lenders who make equity financing a priority is essential. We want the process to secure an equity-based loan to be as quick and easy as possible.

As a result, we have established a trusted network that we know we can rely on. We want you to rely on our connections too. Our vast network of home equity lenders is virtually unparalleled as are the rates and flexible terms we can offer.

Home Equity Loans You Can Count On

We use cutting edge technology to help pair our borrowers with the lenders that suit their needs the best.  This also ensures that we are able to approve your application in the fastest possible time frame. 

As a result, we are on the verge of becoming one of Canada’s leading brokerages for equity based loans.  By combining, experience, technology and customer service we are able to get our clients incredible home equity loan rates and terms. 

Can I Get a Home Equity Loan with Bad Credit?

If you’ve applied for a home equity loan in the past and been turned down, there are a few reasons that your bank or credit union may not have approved you. Our lenders are willing to overlook many of the obstacles you may face, including:

  • Poor/damaged credit score
  • Past bankruptcy or consumer proposal
  • Low income, job loss or temporary job lay off
  • Difficulty proving income (especially if self-employed)
  • Income discrepancies between actual earnings and declared earnings for tax purposes

Again, most banks are limited in a number of ways.  Because we have such a vast network of alternative lenders, we can provide our clients options.  

 In short, we aim to be as flexible as possible and always try to find a solution, rather than a reason to decline you like the big banks. 

The Mortgage Brokers Network Advantage

Even if other lenders have failed you, we can help you succeed. We don’t waste time asking for things we know our lenders won’t need. We pride ourselves on knowing our lenders well – and that means knowing what they’ll want and need in order to approve your application.

Our biggest advantage is our access to over 50 lenders. Our lenders are willing to work with unique and challenging situations that most big banks may not. 

The strength of our network (in addition to many years of experience) can be your advantage as a borrower. Our common-sense approach to lending can help you obtain the home equity loan you need. 

Mortgage Services with a Network of Mortgage Brokers You Can Trust

In a word, we have expertise providing mortgage services to Canadians who have been unable to secure the right financing elsewhere.  Book a free consultation with our team to review our full range of mortgage services. Discover what 30 years of practical experience can do for you, contact us today.Moreovermore

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Term Posted Rate Our Rate Claim This Rate
Home Equity Line of Credit Prime + .50% Prime +.50% Claim Rate
Fixed 1 Year 7.49% 6.79% Claim Rate
Fixed 2 Year 7.29% 6.39% Claim Rate
Fixed 3 Year 6.79% 6.00% Claim Rate
Fixed 4 Year 6.29 5.64 Claim Rate
Fixed 5 Year 6.19% 5.39 Claim Rate
Variable 5 Year 6.79 7.2% (prime -.90%) Net Rate 6.30% Claim Rate
Fixed 10 Year 6.89% 6.40% Claim Rate